Ministries We Offer

Pastoral Ministry

We offer pastoral duties to churches who have no pastor or has lost their pastor because of an accident, sickness or in death and are in need of a pastor. We are committed to the following; member’s conviction and knowledge of Jesus Christ as their personal saviour; member’s spiritual and physical wellbeing and personal relationship with God (spiritual growth) and member’s preparation and self-conviction that heaven is his/ her home after death. We also offer pastoral support, what we call ‘an extra hand for the pastor’. With the experience we have had over the years as a pastor, we believe that pastors always are in need of this extra hand.  Call us today.

Leadership Training

We share our leadership skills and experience within every sector of the church. Over the years Boyd has had the opportunity to serve in every aspect of the local church, supporting the auxiliaries and becoming more efficient. We emphasize on productivity and responsibilities unto God through Jesus Christ to mankind. Our primary goal is driving through to the leaders the purpose of Servant-hood and unto whom they are giving their service.  Call us today.

Guest Preacher/ Speaker

297We share our love for God and His grace He has bestowed upon us. We share of God’s power and love through Jesus Christ to save mankind, and how that love and power has also set us free. The grace of God through Jesus Christ by the Holy Spirit is present as we declare and share the word of God. Our focus is the love of God through Jesus Christ to save the world and the cause of mankind rejection of the God of love.  Call us today.

Support Workers

This is one of our favorite ministries, to give support to others. The Lord revealed to us the importance of giving support to others who are of like mind. This is why we give support in the following areas;

             Church Administration

We have been to the broader spectrum of the church in Australia and we know that some       members of the body needs this support. Pam and I will love to work with you and your church and help set up the administration of the church body.  Call us today.

             Bible Studies

We also support churches is starting Bible Studies or growing the exiting one. Our emphasis is    on having the fear (respect) of God which is the beginning of wisdom and our conformity into Jesus Christ, the son of God. Call us today.

Prayer Ministries


We believe all of these can come through the Prayer Ministries. Our prayer life has improved magnificently to the extent we pray three to four hours a day and 24/7 in the presence of God, an experience we would like to see others share in. We are willing to work with you to build up your church prayer meetings or begin a prayer meeting in your church. Prayer is the key of heaven and faith unlocks the door.  Call us today.


Motivation for Ministry

This is another ministry we enjoy, which can be a one on one or a group discussion. Our emphasis is on Jesus Christ. We can do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthens us because greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world. We will share with you personal experiences in working in ministry which has motivated us and will motivate you to keep holding on and keep fighting the good fight of faith.  Call us today.

Music Ministry/ Worship Leader


We have been is churches where so many times people miss on the presence of God because they had to sing all of the songs that were listed for that Sunday service and it breaks our hearts. We thank God the father through Jesus Christ our lord for the grace He has given us in this ministry and we will love to share it with you and your church. We know God loves worship and we will love to give you and your church the support needed in this area.  Call us today.


We have been blessed in this dispensation to receive fresh revelations from our Lord Jesus Christ for the church today. We have downloaded from heaven three books;

To God be the glory. Visit our Book Store for your copy of Earth’s Darkness and Light: Understanding the World we Live In. The others are on the way. We can do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthen us.  Call us today.

Books and Business Card Designers and formatting

business card for website

Because of what the Lord began to do through us as we downloaded His mind for the church today, the Holy Spirit guided us in the process of the designs and the formatting of the book. This is a skill we will like to share with others who are writers and are in need of a design or to format their book, or are in need of a design for their business card. We can assure you, you have been blessed by meeting us.  Call us today.



Servants of the Living God