Pray 4 the Church/Nation

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We are commissioned by our Lord Jesus Christ to pray for his body the Church and the Nation which we are a part of. We believe there are others out there with this passion of prayer for the Church and the Nation.

If you have the passion and would like to be a part of  pray 4 the Church/ Nation network, we would like to hear from you. Members of the network will receive email of prayer directions as our Lord Jesus Christ through the  Holy Spirit leads us.

If you desire to see the  Church, which is the body of Jesus Christ winning souls, lives being transformed and the Church experiencing the later revival and the safety of the nation, we are calling on you to join in with others and begin to intercede for this great move of the Holy Spirit in the Church and the nation.

Let us remember what the word of God says,  one will chase a thousand, and two will put ten thousand to flight. There is more power in our corporate prayers. We believe our Lord is speaking in the hearts of others and is also speaking in your heart right now to become a part of this network of intercessors, and begin to pray for His Church and the nation.

We would like to hear from you, if you believe the Lord Jesus Christ is leading you to stand in the gap for the church and the nation. We would like to say in advance “welcome to the army of prayer”. Send us an email today.

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