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Why must God help me or save me or heal me, or provide for me, or answer my prayers when I refuse to be saved? Is God my errand boy? What is God to me? What is my attitude when I’m coming to God or when I’m in God’s presence? How do I see God? Do I know God or I know about God, does it matter?

Over the years I have realised in my relationship with God, that when it comes to God it was all about me. Lately I became aware that my attitude was wrong. I tried to reflect and asked the Holy Spirit to bring to remembrance a day when I went to God just to worship Him because He is God and not because of what I wanted, and none came to mind.

I’m not saying I haven’t gone into God’s presence with thanksgiving and into His courts with praise, which I believe we all do. But deep within us it is because of what we want Him to do next, I’m guilty as charged.

Traditionally we have been brought up to serve God because we don’t want to God to hell, or because we want to get our lives right and to mingle with good people or to be seen as a good person or becoming a good person and so on, and that is good. We have been taught and we are possessed with the mind that God is our errand boy, whatever we want ask Him, He will do it for us.

We the westerners with good motives try to make us understand who God is, by comparing Him with our earthly fathers, and this is how many of us see God. The question is can God be compared with man and the answer is a big NO. God is not like your father or my father because your father and my father are all sinners and God is not a sinner like us or like our fathers. Though the bible declare, ask in Jesus’ name, tradition makes us take this for granted.

How many people have left God because they asked Him in Jesus name and called on Him in Jesus name but He did not show up to save their loved ones or give them the desire of their heart? How many? How many today do not pray because they don’t believe God can do it? How many still pray today with uncertainty that God will do it? How many of us pastors have formulated prayer formulas to comfort our congregation; yes, no and wait is God’s answer to prayer. Because we fail to desire and know God we are confused today and everyone is doing what seems right in his or her eyes.

God spoke to me one day and said to me, this is a generation that doesn’t know what they are doing. We are saying one thing and we are doing another. How many times have we sang the song in worship “I bow down or I bow my knees and worship”? So many times. But the question is how many people do actually bow down or bow their knees and worship?

The question I ask myself today is, can I worship God through Jesus Christ if there was nothing to thank Him for or praise Him for? Can I love God through Jesus Christ just because He made me and loves me? Can I worship God through Jesus Christ just because of who He is and not because of what He gives me? Can I worship God through Jesus Christ because God is God? The question is can you?

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Why must God help me or save me or heal me, or provide for me, or answer my prayers when I refused to be saved? Is God my errand boy?

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